Important Announcement for NADRA Applicants
Applicants planning to visit NADRA offices in Manchester need to book an appointment prior to their visit for processing of NICOP applications. We have recently started the processing of Pakistan Origin Card (POC) and Family Registration Certificate (FRC) at NADRA Office Manchester. However, applicants need to cancel their NICOP/ CNIC online. Click the following link for further information:
NADRA appointments
National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is offering two types of Identity Cards & Family Registration Certificate (FRC) to facilitate the Pakistani community living abroad. These cards offer valuable benefits and incentives to the card holders. Following section will help you to choose the right Identity Card for you and follow the procedure to apply for this card.

Smart National Identity Card for overseas Pakistanis (SNICOP)

Apply for this card if you are a Pakistani citizen living abroad or a dual nationality holder. Children of Pakistani nationals or dual-nationality holders are also eligible for applying this card.
List of Countries having dual nationality with Pakistan
United Kingdom France
Italy Belgium
Iceland Australia
New Zealand Canada
Finland Egypt
Jordan Syria
Switzerland Netherland
United States of America Sweden
Republic of Ireland Bahrain
Denmark Germany*

*Children of Pakistani parents who have grown up in Germany and who have due to their birth in Germany acquired German nationality in addition to their parent’s nationality from the other state.

For Online Applications:
For queries regarding online applications, Please click below or call 0092-51-111-786-100 to NADRA Pak Id Call Centre
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Pakistan Origin Card
NADRA Registration Centre Manchester has started POC processing. Applicants are advised to bring their original passports, previous Pakistani Nadra cards (if any).

Succession Certificate Online Biometric Verification

Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

Apply for this card if you are a foreigner with annulled Pakistani nationality or born to parents who have previously held Pakistani nationality. Your family members can also apply for POC.
Click the following links for more information on POC:
POC Applying Online

Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

Family Registration Certificate is issued to applicants which shows family composition of the applicant (by birth or by marriage) registered with National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).
If a person is not registered in NADRA and does not hold 13 digit ID number, his/her data will not be reflected in FRC.
Categories of FRC:
  1. With parents and siblings (by birth)
  2. With spouse and children (by marriage)
You can also apply FRC Online by clicking the following link:
Family Registration Certificate

NADRA Mobile Registration Team (MRT)

Mobile Registration Teams are designed to provide NADRA services to facilitate Pakistani community living in suburbs of Greater Manchester and North West of England which come under the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Pakistan Manchester. These teams visit the Community Centres/ Mosques on the request of the local councillors/ community leaders of Pakistani descent over the weekends. This facility is also helpful for old and disabled applicants who cannot easily visit NADRA offices.

Click the following links for more information on MRT:

Applying for NADRA Cards through MRT NADRA Mobile Registration Team’s visit schedule Arrange MRT’s visit in your area
Family Registration Certificate
This facility is now available at NADRA Registration Centre Manchester. FRC service will be available at the centre after the lockdown.
Succession Certificate
NADRA has recently introduced “Biometric Verification” of blood relative living abroad for the issuance of Succession Certificate. Succession Certificate application can only be initiated from Pakistan (Islamabad, Punjab and Sindh). After having the tracking Id of the application from Pakistan, the blood relatives can avail the Biometric verification facility online through NADRA Website:


Step: 1

Application Initiation: The applicant will provide his/her ID card, Deceased Person’s Death Certificate and ID Card. Alongwith the application, the applicant shall submit letter of authorization from all the legal heirs to file application on their behalf.


Legal Heirs and Assets Details: The applicant will provide the relevant details of legal heirs, and information pertaining to the moveable and immovable assets of the deceased.


Verification and Consent of Legal Heirs: All legal heirs mentioned by the applicant will do biometric verification online through NADRA Website. After biometric verification the succession certificate will be issued from Pakistan.


Important Note
It is clarified that application for issuance of Succession Certificate can only be started/ initiated from Pakistan and if all family members are residing here (claimant of property) then anyone of the sibling/family member will travel to Pakistan for filing of the case. Rest of the family member can avail the online biometric facility ( biometric verification for the final issuance of succession certificate.