Renunciation of Nationality

Requirements for Renunciation of Pakistani Nationality

  • Form X & Particulars (One Pager), typed in (not hand-written). Application Form
  • Application addressed to the Consulate General of Pakistan Manchester stating reasons for Renunciation of Pakistani Citizenship.
  • Copies (along with original) of Naturalization Certificate/Foreign Passport.
  • Original (along with copies) of Pakistani Passports (particulars/photo/MRP page and applicant’s CNIC/NICOP (both sides), all on one page (01 copy).
  • Seven (7) Photographs 112 size with sky blue background.
  • Copies along with Original of NICOP/Birth Certificate/Pakistan Passport and Foreign Passport of minor children of the male applicant only, residing abroad, where applicable (01 copy).
  • Copies of Nikah Nama/divorce papers, of female applicants, provided passport/NICOP is not modified with husband/father’s name respectively (01 copy).
  • In case the applicant is not in possession of Pakistani Passport he/she may make a declaration on oath duly attested by the Consulate General of Pakistan Manchester mentioning therein the name/number, date and place of issue thereof.
  • Application must be submitted in person.
  • Any other relevant/supporting document that the applicant wish to add along with the above.
Important Announcement:
Renunciation Certificates are delivered to us from Ministry of Interior in Pakistan. It usually takes 4 to 5 months period. We do call the applicants for the collection of their Renunciation certificates when they are ready.